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Rate: $70 for a fifty minute private lesson with Lindsey Bair

Learning to sing can be one of the most challenging yet rewarding experiences you will ever have.  Sounds corny, but it's true.  Why do we love to sing?  Because it makes us feel something.  Good, bad, elated, depressed, it brings about emotions in a way that we cannot feel in any other outlet.  Bottom line, singing has the potential to make us feel amazing. 

What's so frustrating about this is when we know we have this inside of us, yet we can't seem to get it out.  For some reason, things seem stuck.  That's where your singing teacher and/or vocal coach comes in.  I am here to help you conquer this.  To help you find your genuine voice.

Lessons for Adults

When I first meet with my beginner students, I always ask them what their past experience is with singing.  Often times, they say "I don't have any."  I always know this isn't true.  We all sing in the shower, we all sing in the car, and we are all guilty of at least one run in with the karaoke bar.  Any singing you do, any instrument you play, any time you listen to music, it all helps with improving your singing, and it gives you experience to become better.  

You don't need to be the lead singer of a band or currently cutting an album to enjoy and benefit from singing lessons.  For everyone, music and singing is a therapy, it's a release, it's a way to express ourselves.  It's something that is totally different from the day to day mundane part of life.  You also don't have to be born a "great singer" to enjoy singing lessons.  First of all, even the "greats" worked extremely hard to get what they've got.  Secondly, we all can improve upon whatever natural level of talent we've got.   

Have you ever wanted to record yourself singing, or thought songwriting would be interesting but didn't know where to start?  I help many of my students take that first step to become a songwriter.  And we definitely do a lot of recording in my home studio. 

Lessons for Teens

It is an amazing time for teenagers to be studying their voice.  Our teenage years are filled with emotion and contemplative thought, trying to figure out exactly who we are.  Singing with the addition of songwriting is a savior to many teenagers.  They need to get those feelings out, and songwriting is a positive way to deal with their emotion.  Many of my teenage students have begun songwriting and recording their own music with me

Lessons for Kids

Many parents would like to have their child in singing lessons. Sometimes they recognize a child's natural ability to sing, while other children may have a desire to perform, and finally some parents think it would be good for their child's self confidence.  All of these are great reasons to have children taking singing lessons.  

It is so important for your child to be exposed to music during their developmental years.  They need to train their ear and brain to hear notes and how they relate to each other. You may know someone, or may even be someone who has been labeled "tone deaf".  In reality, the overwhelming majority of people are not tone deaf.  All of my adult students who came to me thinking they were tone deaf have one thing in common, they had no musical training as a child.  While this can be learned as an adult, it is a much longer process.   

My philosophy in working with kids is to make sure they are having fun.  Of course, I instill singing principles while doing so.  My main goal is for the kids to learn and have fun at the same time.  The last thing I want to do is ruin singing for them.  Singing is something to be enjoyed for your whole life, so it must be kept positive!

Lessons For Current Artists

Many of my students are lead vocalists in bands or are singer/ songwriters when they come to me.  The majority of those are experienced performers, but have always felt they could benefit from a singing teacher or a vocal coach.  

On stage, in the studio, you're on the line putting it out there.  You need to do your best, and you need confidence in this.  It's important as a singer to have someone you trust, who can coach you in your efforts. 

 Singers can be one of the most hypercritical group of people out there when it comes to listening to themselves.  (I know first hand!)  It can be utterly devastating at times to hear back our live performances, and even more so when in the studio listening to our vocal takes.  While a little humility never hurt anybody, feeling like you're going to fall apart every time you hear your recorded voice isn't doing anything to help you.  I will teach you how to listen to your vocal in an objective manner.  Once this is learned, you will be astounded at how much easier it is to progress as a performing and recording artist.     

I am a recording engineer with all the hip gear, so this gives you an advantage with direct feedback in your singing during our lessons.  Also, you can record vocal tracks for songs you are recording in other studios in our sessions, and I'll be there to coach you every step of the way.