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A Little About Lindsey

While my hair color has changed a lot over the years, my love of music and singing has not.  I have been singing since I can remember.  My earliest memory of singing was duets with my dad.  He had funny dreams of a father/daughter singing group. We both love to sing.  

Since then, I have pursued my love of music both as a participant and spectator.  I have trained with voice in college, and in private studios like the one I now teach in.  All teachers that I have trained under have given me special insight to singing, and helped my ability to just let it out.  My experiences have taught me that yes, the technical aspect of music and singing is important.  But equally important is the ability to let yourself go, become vulnerable, and truly feel the emotion of the song.  That is how we connect with our listener.   

I've been the lead vocalist for many bands and also a solo singer/songwriter.  

The opportunity to teach singing has been amazing.  I am continually humbled and honored to help people.  I look up to my students, they show up at my door ready to work, wanting to improve something that is meaningful in their lives.  I think that's the best any of us can do, look inward, and honestly try to improve ourselves.

Q. I think my voice really sucks. Ok, it doesn't suck entirely, but it certainly has it's good days and it's bad days. Can my voice improve with lessons? 

 A. Yes! Everyone walks through the door with positive habits and experience, wether they know it or not. The other side of that is everyone can use outside help when it comes to improving their voice. There's a ton of information online, in books, DVD's etc, however, it is impossible to get direct feedback from these. It is easy to become even more confused as to what "sounds good" or if you're "doing it right." Dude....suck it up and try a lesson out. I don't think you'll regret it ;)


Q. Someone told me I was tone deaf. Can voice lessons help? 

A. Most people are not actually tone deaf, they just need help improving their relative pitch. We do this using something called the Tonic Sol Fa system. It's been around for over 1,000 years (I'm not kidding, a munk invented it,) and it works! I teach a lot of it. 


Q. I try to write songs, but feel stuck when it comes to...... lyrics (words), or chords (music), or melody (tune). Is there anything I can do to help this?

A. We all get stuck creatively. I help my students get unstuck and get them writing songs they actually like. Helping people with songwriting is one of my absolutely favs! 


Q. I've always wanted to learn to sing and play an instrument. Is it too late for me?

A. No way. My mom learned to play guitar at 64. As long as you're alive, it's not too late. 


Q. I took piano lessons as a kid and could play by ear, but my teacher told me I had to learn to read the notes. Was I a bad student? 

A. I get this question a lot, where people were told they weren't playing piano because they weren't reading notes. Jeesh! There's more than one way to do it, and reading pitches on the staff is only one way. Not to mention traditional piano lessons tend to not give us the tools for accompaning ourselves as singers or how to write songs. The way I teach piano is how to accompany yourself (or play in bands) and how to songwrite.